13 September 2019

Emalin is pleased to participate in this year’s Various Others (Munich). Emalin will present new works by Augustas Serapinas at Galerie Sperling, who are presenting paintings by Malte Zenses. The exhibition is accompanied by a text written by Marie Egger. For more information visit Various Others.

02 September 2019

Athena Papadopoulos is featured in the group exhibition Place Vendôme, opening this Friday at Berthold Pott in Cologne

20 August 2019

Next on our August Programme co-organised with Alvaro Barrington: performance artist Georgia Lucas-Going. Please join us on Tuesday 20 August at 7pm. Limited capacity, RSVP necessary: eve@emalin.co.uk


09 August 2019

Please join us on Friday 09 August from 7pm for the third instalment of our August programme co-organised with Alvaro Barrington. Emalin is pleased to host NY based band Blind Benny.

06 August 2019

Emalin is pleased to announce the second event in our August Programme, co-organised with Alvaro Barrington. Please join us on Tuesday 06 August from 7pm for the London debut of 10K, a duo based in Portmore, Jamaica. The duo comprises of solo artists 10ille & GLDN EYE, who will be performing new material from their upcoming EP due to be released later this year.

01 August 2019

Emalin is pleased to announce the first event in our August Programme, co-organised with Alvaro Barrington. Throughout the month, Emalin is hosting a series of events by artists, musicians and performers, personally invited by Alvaro Barrington.

Please join us on Thursday 1 August at 7pm for the site-specific performance ‘Black Box’ by American artist, choreographer and dancer Shamel Pitts.

10 July 2019

Aslan Gaisumov’s ‘Fearsome’ (2011 – ongoing) will be included in the group exhibition ‘No You Won’t Be Naming No Buildings After Me’ opening on 12 July at Tent Rotterdam, NL

02 July 2019

Emalin is pleased to host an event of the 12th Kaunas Biennial: After Leaving | Before Arriving on Thursday, 25 July 2019, 7-9pm. On occasion the Galerie Uberall directors will raise a series of questions about the processes involved in the Biennial. Further information can be accessed here.

28 June 2019

Reena Spaulings Los Angeles’s group show Avengers: Someone Left the Cake Out In the Rain will feature Meghan Plunkett’s work. The opening is 2 July at 6-9pm in Los Angeles.

14 June 2019

Aslan Gaisumov’s ‘Scythian Journey’ (2019) will be included in the group exhibition ‘Blood and Soil: Dark Arts for Dark Times’ at CAC Vilnius curated by Anders Kreuger & Julija Fomina.

07 June 2019

Aslan Gaisumov’s video work ‘Volga’ (2015) will be included in the 12th Kaunas Biennial: After Leaving I Before Arriving

03 June 2019

Auguste Petre interviews Augustas Serapinas in Art Territory , they discuss  the Venice Biennale and much more!

01 June 2019

Augustas Serapinas was featured in Tank Magazine in a conversation with Guy Mackinnon-Little about “everyday creativity, the contradictions of the art world and doing things without knowing why.”

23 May 2019

Megan Plunkett will be participating in a group show at Grand Buffet & Pulvers Glass curated by Baba Yaga in Hudson, New York on May 24th.

13 May 2019

Join us for a conversation between Augustas Serapinas and writer/curator Caroline Elbaor at the gallery from 7-8pm on the 15th of May!

12 May 2019

Join us for a conversation between Augustas Serapinas and writer/curator Caroline Elbaor at the gallery from 7-8pm on the 15th of May!

11 May 2019

The Financial Times described Augustas Serapinas’ Vygintas, Kirilas & Semionovas at the Venice Biennale as “the show’s most beautiful sculpture: a brutalist ruin of building blocks constructed in material taken from a former Soviet nuclear power plant in Lithuania.”

8 May 2019

Athena Papadopoulos will be doing a reading of A Tittle-Tattle-Tell-A-Tale Heart on 22 June, 7–9pm at Art Night in the British Library.

7 May 2019

Augustas Serapinas is one of 83 artists who are taking part in ‘May You Live in Interesting Times’, the 58th International Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia curated by Ralph Rugoff. The exhibition will run until Sunday, 24 November 2019.

26 April 2019

Augustas Serapinas is featured on Artnet about our current exhibition and the Venice Bienniale, where he will be the youngest artist this year.

26 April 2019

Nicholas Cheveldave is featured in Blok’s Editors’ Picks for Friend Of a Friend 2019, the gallery-share initiative in Warsaw.

24 April 2019

On 26th April, Evgeny Antufiev will be in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist at the Foundation Cartier discussing the exhibition Jeunes Artistes en Europe. Les Métamorphoses.

19 April 2019

Kembra Pfahler is performing at the Kitchen in New York in The Johnsons present SHE WHO SAW BEAUTIFUL THINGS (19-20 April).

18 April 2019

Athena Papadopoulos will be participating in Art Night 2019 on June 22nd. The event will feature 40 independently curated projects and take place across London, in King’s Cross and Walthamstow.

13 April 2019

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Jessica Vaugh’s ‘Composite’, 2017 by the Pinakothek der Moderne, thanks to Outset Germany_Switzerland acquisition fund at Art Cologne Fair – Many thanks to Bettina Boehm and her team.

10 April 2019

A Tittle-Tattle-Tell-A-Tale Heart, a solo exhibition by Athena Papadopoulos referring to her two-part novel published in 2018, opens this Friday at Humber Street Gallery, Kingston upon Hull, UK

21 March 2019

World Receivers, a group exhibition including a work by Athena Papadopoulos, opens today at Zabludowicz Collection, London, UK

16 March 2019

Thank you Cultured for mentioning our solo booth with Megan Plunkett in their Independent NY feature

15 March 2019

Nicholas Cheveldave takes part in a duo exhibition with Sebastian Lloyd Rees at Hot Wheels Projects, Athens, GR, opening this June

8 March 2019

The Financial Times wrote about our exhibition in NYC and our participation at Independent

6 March 2019

Familiar Machines, a show including works by Kembra Pfahler, opens this Saturday at Backlit, Nottingham, UK

5 March 2019

Aslan Gaisumov takes part in Potentiality, The Festival of Political Photography 2019, opening this week at the Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, FI

4 March 2019

Metamorphosis. Art in Europe Now, a group exhibition including works by Evgeny Antufiev, opens on 4 April at Fondation Cartier, Paris, FR

2 March 2019

In the course of Rehang: Archives, one room on the ground floor of Collezione Maramotti, Reggio Emilia, IT, is now permanently dedicated to works by Evgeny Antufiev

28 February 2019

Emalin gets hosted by Piktogram, Warsaw, PL, with works by Nicholas Cheveldave as part of the gallery-sharing initiative Friend of a Friend on 6-7 April

25 February 2019

During Frieze LA week, Kembra Pfahler performed at Globe Theatre, Los Angeles, USA as part of Sex Cells 2 Year Anniversary and at Jeffrey Deitch, Los Angeles, USA, hosted by Jeffrey Deitch and Kaleidoscope Magazine

23 February 2019

Aslan Gaisumov takes part in a two-person-show at Bury Art Museum, Bury, UK. Liverpool Biennial presents: Aslan Gaisumov & Janice Kerbal is on until 4 May

5 February 2019

Aslan Gaisumov’s People of No Consequence (2016) is currently on view at Void Gallery, Derry, IE, as part of the group exhibition Opened Ground. The show runs until 30 March

1 February 2019

Read about Craigslist, dogs and our CONDO 2019 exhibition in Megan Plunkett’s interview with Tank Magazine

16 January 2019

Thank you Frieze and Elephant for featuring our CONDO show

8 December 2018

Aslan Gaisumov’s first institutional solo exhibition in France opens today at LE CAP – Centre d’arts plastiques de Saint-FonsDark Shelters will run until 09.02.2019.

7 December 2018

Read about Augustas Serapinas’ FaceTime call with curator and writer Caroline Elbaor on Flash Art

4 December 2018

When Art became of the Landscape. Part III, a two artist exhibition including works by Evgeny Antufiev opens tomorrow at the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

23 November 2018

Jessica Vaughn was in conversation with Eliel Jones about her recent body of work. Read the full interview on Mousse.

9 November 2018

The second part of Evgeny Antufiev’s ongoing exhibition series When art became part of landscape opens tomorrow at Konenkov Studio-Museum, Moscow, RU

29 October 2018

Artnet columnist Kenny Schachter featured our booth at Paris Internationale in his latest report 

18 October 2018

Augustas Serapinas’ solo exhibition at Apalazzo Gallery, Brescia IT opens tomorrow. The show will be on until 12 January 2018

17 October 2018

Kembra Pfahler is featured on the cover of Kaleidoscope Magazine. Find the whole story including photographs by Jack Pierson and an interview by Jeffrey Deitch in the magazine

13 October 2018

Kembra Pfahler is performing at Le Guess Who? Festival in Utrecht, NL next month

13 October 2018

Crystals and Shards, a solo exhibition by Aslan Gaisumov curated by Anders Kreuger, opened at Kohta, Helsinki, this week

12 October 2018

Read Athena Papadopoulos’ latest interview with Katrina Russell about identity, memory, cosmetics and Oprah Winfrey on Content Journal

8 October 2018

Thank you Frieze for a beautiful video feature with Athena Papadopoulos. Also thanks to The Art Newspaper, Blouin Artinfo and Harper’s BAZAAR Art for featuring our solo booth at Frieze Art Fair

6 October 2018

Artnet and Mousse Magazine both featured our solo booth with Nicholas Cheveldave at art berlin

2 October 2018

The first chapter of Athena Papadopoulos’ book A Tittle-Tattle-Tell-a-Tale-Heart is available as a special feature on Artviewer. The whole book is available at CURA now

1 October 2018

Thank you CURA for featuring Jessica Vaughn’s exhibition Exit Strategy at Emalin

21 September 2018

Kembra Pfahler is featured in an article about Headz, a collaborative studio space in NY run by Spencer Sweeney, Urs Fischer, and Brendan Dugan

20 September 2018

Athena Papadopoulus is taking part in the group show From the Inside Out opening today at The Drawing Room, London

20 September 2018

Athena Papadopoulos is reading from her novel A Tittle-Tattle-Tell-A-Tale-Heart published with Cura Books at the Drawing Room, London on 1st of October

11 September 2018

Augustas Serapinas’ solo show Where is Luna? is opening on the 19th of September at Basement Roma, IT

07 September 2018

Kembra Pfahler is performing at the Garden Party at the New York Marble Cemetery, NYC this Saturday, in an event organised by the Artist Space to celebrate Jack Smith

07 September 2018

Thank you Apollo Magazine for selecting us in your 40 Under 40 Europe list

3 September 2018

Kembra Pfahler performed at the revival of legendary Wigstock Festival in NYC

23 August 2018

Tate Britain acquired six works by Evgeny Antufiev, including works made out of ceramics, bronze, wood and fabric

21 August 2018

Aslan Gaisumov is participating in a series of artist talks hosted by the Fogo Island Arts Residence, Fogo Island, CA

20 July 2018

Thank you Mousse Magazine for reviewing our current show Joech God

13 July 2018

Aslan Gaisumov is participating in this year’s Liverpool Biennial, Beautiful World, Where Are You?, opening tomorrow

29 June 2018

Athena Papadopoulos is participating in the group exhibition Entangled Tales at Rupert, Vilnius, opening on Wednesday 04 July

26 June 2018

Alvaro Barrington’s work is featured in the show Natura Naturans, opening tonight at Mendes Wood DM, New York

20 June 2018

Plus One, a show featuring new work by Megan Plunkett and John Miller, is opening at Shoot The Lobster, NY this Friday

18 June 2018

Athena Papadopoulos is taking part in the group show Lia Pasqualino Noto, curated by Geraldine Blais, opening today in Palermo

16 June 2018

Evgeny Antufiev’s solo exhibition When art becomes part of the landscape: part 1 opened today at the Archaeological Museum Antonio Salinas, in Palermo

11 June 2018

Kembra Pfahler features in Tour Without End (Twenty-One Portraits and a Protest), a part documentary, part fictional film by director Laura Parnes, premering today at The Kitchen, NY

31 May 2018

Thank you Cura for featuring our current exhibition!

24 May 2018

Kembra Pfahler features in Bruce LaBruce’s new film ‘The Misandrists’, released at the cinemas tomorrow

18 April 2018

The first annual Huntingdon Estate Book Sale is upon us, co-organized by The Kingsboro Press and Emalin Books. Saturday and Sunday from 11 – 8pm in London (above the gallery). Come, browse, shop, etc! Lots of great publications from friends and idols alike.

12 April 2018

Megan Plunkett’s exhibition Me as a Dog is opening tomorrow in Vilnius, LT. The exhibition follows Megan’s residency at Rupert

5 April 2018

Megan Plunkett’s work is featured in the summer issue of  Cactus Magazine

11 APRIL 2018

The group exhibition TO DIE FOR, organised and featuring work by Athena Papadopoulos, is opening tomorrow at Castiglioni Fine Arts in Milan, IT

03 April 2018

Alvaro Barrington will be exhibiting work at Thaddeus Ropac (London) for his exhibition A Taste of Chocolate, curated by Norman Rosenthal. The exhibition opens on the 17th of April.

30 March 2018

Augustas Serapinas and Evgeny Antufiev will be featured in the Baltic Triennial 13GIVE UP THE GHOST

28 March 2018

Augustas Serapinas and Aslan Gaisumov will be featured in the first Riga International Biennial of Contemporary ArtEverything Was Forever, Until It Was No More

23 March 2018

Anya Harrisson reviewed our current exhibition All That You See Here, Forget for Frieze

21 March 2018

Thank you Artsy for the coverage of our current exhibition All That You See Here, Forget by Aslan Gaisumov

22 MARCH 2018

Kembra Pfahler’s work is featured in the group exhibition LUST LAUGHTER LIQUOR opening today at Gallery Sofie van de Velde in Antwerp, BE

07 March 2018

Alvaro Barrington is featured in the latest issue of i-D

22 February 2018

Augustas’ Jõusaal is currently exhibited at Piktogram in Warsaw, Poland

07 February 2018

Our CONDO 2018 show was reviewed by BrooklynRail

18 December 2017

Evgeny Antufiev is opening his exhibition Leo Tolstoy Rooms at the Strauhof Museum in Zürich on Friday, 22nd of December. The exhibition is organised by The War and Peace Project

01 November 2017

Augustas’ Jõusaal is on tour – it is currently on view in Brussels, Belgium at the Bâtard Festival and will be exhibited later this month at 1857 in Oslo, Norway

07 October 2017

Thank you Frieze for the special mention in the Focus Stand Prize

06 October 2017

Thank you Artsy, The New York Times, ArtNet, The Art Newspaper and FAD for the coverage of our booth by Evgeny Antufiev at Frieze

28 September 2017

Ahead of his/our solo presentation at Frieze London, Martina Alemani wrote a fantastic essay on Evgeny Antufiev in the 5th issue of Cactus Magazine

20 September 2017

Kembra Pfahler will be exhibiting at The Kitchen, NY in late October

16 August 2017

Nicholas Cheveldave will be part of the group show Fickle Food Upon A Shifting Plate at Studio_Leigh, opening on the 14th of September in London

03 August 2017

Kembra Pfahler is artist in residence at Aarhus 2017. Her exhibition with the collective of FUTURE FEMINISM will open on the 11th of August and an ongoing series of talks, workshops and events hosted by the artists will transpire during the course of the exhibit until the 3rd of September

28 July 2017

Kembra spoke at length with Dazed Digital about her most recent works, influences and upcoming projects

27 July 2017

Athena and Nicholas donated two great works to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

25 July 2017

ATP Diary reviewed Megan Plunkett’s exhibition at Emalin

20 July 2017

Next Tuesday, 25th of July, Megan is organising a screening at the gallery from 7-8pm

18 July 2017

We are very excited that ‘I Bet You Wish You Did and I know I do’ is included in the Critic’s Guide of Frieze

03 July 2017

A great feature on Kembra Pfahler’s performance at the Broad Museum last week in the LA Times

01 July 2017

Thank you Artnet for featuring us as one of the 10 galleries that are ‘revitalising’ the art scene

20 June 2017

Augustas’ work is featured in  Belonging to a Place, an exhibition opening tomorrow at the Scrap Metal Gallery in Toronto, Canada

05 May 2017

Nic and Athena are in a group show at Carl Kostyal in Stockholm, opening on the 18th of May!

02 May 2017

We are organising a BBQ tomorrow!

27 April 2017

Evgeny Antufiev is opening his exhibition Immortality Forever at M HKA in Antwerp tonight

25 April 2017

Athena’s exhibition Belladonna’s Muse in Rome got reviewed by Artforum and Artribune

13 April 2017

Augustas will open his site specific installation Sigi on the roof of Kunsthalle Wien on the 18th of May

06 April 2017

Augustas is included in the group show Quiet at Barbara Seiler Gallery curated by Samuel Leuenberger. It opens on the 12th of April in Zurich!

23 March 2017

Read the extensive insight into Augustas Serapinas’ practice in the current issue of Art in America here. Augustas’ show at the Fogo Island Gallery closes this week

20 March 2017

Kembra is featured in the current issue of AnOther Magazine with a story she shot whilst she was with us in London

04 March 2017

Athena Papadopoulos once again joins forces with Samuel Leuenberger and is opening her exhibition Belladonna’s Muse at Basement Roma on the 17th of March

01 March 2017

Thank you Hyperallergic for featuring our booth at the LA Art Book Fair

22 February 2017

Emalin is proud to participate at the LA Art Book Fair, where we will launch the re-published artist book The Wall of Vagina by Kembra Pfahler and Bruce LaBruce. Kembra will also perform with Christian Music and the girls from The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black at the opening night preview from 6-9pm

16 February 2017

We are happy that Augustas inaugurated his site specific commission at the Stanley Picker Gallery, in an exhibition that also includes the work of Simon Martin and Bridget Smith curated by the fabulous Stella Bottai

08 February

Thank you this is tomorrow and Arteviste for the reviews of our Condo exhibition closing in a week!

27 January 2017

Flashart reviewed Condo and our exhibition here

20 January 2017

Athena will be engaging in an open collaboration and performance with the Swedish musician Jonatan Leandoer 127 at Tate Modern on the 5th of February. This is part of Rinse.fm events as a Tate Exchange Associate

16 January 2017

Thank you Artnet and the Contemporary Art Society for the great reviews of our current exhibition

12 January 2017

New works by Stefania Batoeva will be shown tonight at the Bonington Gallery in Nottingham at the group exhibition All Men by Nature Desire to Know

21 November 2016

Thank you to the Hackney Citizen and to Sean Worrall for the wonderful reviews of our current exhibition by Kembra Pfahler

02 November 2016

If you are in new York don’t miss Athena Papadopoulos’ solo exhibition at Shoot the Lobster on 138 Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002. Wolf Whistles opens on November 6th and features a new collaboration with Monster Coat Club (Papa x MCC)

18 October 2016

Thank you Artforum for choosing our first exhibition at the gallery in the “Critics Picks” section

06 October 2016

Thank you Elly of Wallpaper* Magazine for the write up of Augustas’ performance at Frieze Live and his current exhibition at the gallery

06 October 2016

The Art Newspaper talking about rising rents, new gallery strategies and Augustas’ performance at Frieze London here!

04 October 2016

Thank you Maria Teresa for the wonderful review of our exhibition in one’s own time in the printed October/November issue of Flash Art Italia

31 September 2016

In occasion of Frieze East End Night the gallery will stay open until 9pm on Saturday, 8th of October

30 September 2016

We got wonderful flashbacks of our second exhibition, exactly two years ago, when we read this conversation between Samuel and Athena in the latest Cura Magazine

27 September 2016

Thank you Francesca Gavin for mentioning us as one of the new places to know in London in Dazed!

06 September 2016

Coinciding with his exhibition at the gallery, Augustas will stage the performance Jõusaal (Gym) at the Frieze Live Section at Frieze Art Fair, Regents Park. The performance will take place every day, October 05 – 09, between 2–3pm at the Live Platform

05 September 2016

We will be showing new works by Stefania Batoeva at this year’s edition of the Sunday Art Fair. The fair will be running from Thursday 6 October until Sunday 9 October at 35 Marlyebone Rd., London, NW1 5LS

01 September 2016

Kembra Pfahler will take part in the Writers Block Festival at Howl! Gallery in NYC. Her performance will take place on September 12th at  7pm

30 August 2016

Augustas Serapinas will be one of the participating artists in “Mycorial Theatre”, a project by Paulina Olowska and Fiorucci Art Trust curator Milovan Farronato that offers participants a number of convivial encounters inspired by the principle of mycology — the study of fungi. The project will take place in the Copano Edificio, São Paolo from September 1-7, 2016

11 July 2016

Stefania Batoeva and Isaac Lythgoe are opening  Exporting Marsi Rex in Palermo this Friday, 15th July. The exhibition is taking place in Via Garraffello 25 and will start at 7pm. Don’t miss it if you are in the region!

04 July 2016

We are excited that Augustas will be artist in residence at Fogo Island Arts in Canada this November

21 June 2016

Tonight More Than Lovers, More Than Friends opens at FUTURA Gallery in Prague. Augustas has a work in this group show curated by Jo-ey tang. The exhibition runs until the 11th of September

05 June 2016

We are excited that Augustas will join us here in London in June for a residency at DRAF Studio. Join us on the evening of the 30th of June to discover both the process and the results of his residency

08 April 2016

Thank you Artnet for the special mention and thank you Cura for choosing our solo presentation of Athena as one of the top 11 booths at this year’s MiArt

05 April 2016

We sat down with Athena and Matilde to talk about MiArt, Pepto Bismol and our future plans. Read about it here in iD Italia.

17 March 2016

Stefania Batoeva and Ezra Gray are part of With Institutions Like These…, a group show curated by Victor Wang opening tomorrow evening in London

15 February 2016

Leopold is curating an installation by Ezra Gray featuring a musical performance by Sean Nicholas Savage at Honolulu (Zurich) on the 5th of March

26 January 2016

Emalin is excited to be showing new works by Athena Papadopoulos at MiArt in early April

15 January 2016

Doublebind, a touring exhibition organized by our friends from Rupert, is opening its fourth stop next week at  The Academy of Fine Art at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway. Augustas will be showing his collaborative work with Juha Pekka Matias Laakkonen

06 January 2016

New Year, New Lists. Athena featured in Forbes 30 under 30 and i-D Magazine

03 December 2015

Natural Instincts, a killer group show curated by our SALTS friend Samuel Leuenberger, is opening tomorrow in Lausanne as part of the Les Urbaines arts festival. Athena’s The Great Revel of Hairy Harry Who Who: Orgy at the Onion Cellar, 2015 is a must see if you are in the alps this winter

12 November 2015

When at Art Basel Miami this year make sure to look out for Athena’s Two Serious(ly) (young) Women(Hubba Hubba Trouba and Ouchy Waa Waa Mama’) in the public sector

16 October 2015

Stefania’s latest show Speeding to the Corner opens tonight at Nicodim Gallery in LA. The burning Palm Leaves of Brazil keep on smoldering in her latest paintings

06 October 2015

Read Athena’s latest interview with KubaParis!

17 September 2015

Dear Material Things, the first exhibition of the Thun Ceramic Residency curated by Claire Shea, opens tonight

14 September 2015

Augustas is invited to realize a work on site for this year’s Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

09 August 2015

Leopold will curate a solo exhibition of Augustas Serapinas at SALTS, Basel, opening on the 9th of October

28 July 2015

Thank you Attilia for this interview in Flash Art Magazine!

27 July 2015

Adriano and Chateau joined us for a week at the TwoHotel

19 July 2015

Stefania and Leo arrived in Ilheus on their way to the TwoHotel, a guesthouse for artists built by our friend Fabian Marti on Piracanga Beach, Bahia, Brazil

27 June 2015

The roundtable discussion tonight will be followed by “grilled game sausages, black mash, maybe something vegetarian, soft drinks, beer” as well as music generously prepared by Rūtenė Merkliopaitė. Watch her trailer for the evening here!

23 June 2015

On Saturday, 27th of June, Ali Eisa will host a roundtable discussion at Rupert, Vilnius, as part of the London Conference in Critical Thought. He will be in conversation with artists Augustas Serapinas, Elena Narbutaite, Viktorija Rybokova, Vytenis Burokas and curator Shama Khanna about The Politics & Practice of Just Making Things. The talk will be followed as per usual by Bratwurst and Dancing. All info about the event can be found here

15 June 2015

Congratulations to Athena and Charlie for their wonderful shared booth at LISTE!

06 June 2015

The wonderful Charlie Billingham is opening his first solo show in Berlin next Thursday at our friends from Supportico Lopez. Come and say hi if you are in town and make sure to read a copy of James Cahill’s brilliant press release here

03 JUNE 2015

Ali is now in Lithuania for his month-long residency at Rupert, Centre for Art and Education, just outside Vilnius. If you are around and want to get to know more about the upcoming show or just drink a Utenos get in touch

21 May 2015

Shoutout to Athena who is featured as one of 10 artists born after 1980 to watch according to Artnet

27 April 2015

Read an interview between Nic and our friend Matteo from ATP Diary about our recent show in Milan here

25 April 2015

Athena’s show in Berlin is opening in less than a week. Read more about her work in this collection of great essays by her friends! Download PDF

14 April 2015

We can’t wait for Athena Papadopoulos’ upcoming solo show Rancho Rat-King-Cougar at Supportico Lopez, opening May 1st in Berlin!

13 April 2015

Thank you W Magazine for choosing Emalin as one of the newcomers in their April issue

13 March 2015

Emalin is excited to announce the third edition of the Bratwurst Talks. Nicholas Cheveldave will be in conversation with Samuel Leuenberger, director and curator SALTS, Basel, and Leopold Thun on Saturday, 11th April, noon. Invite

01 March 2015

We are delighted to announce our upcoming solo-exhibition with Nicholas Cheveldave in Milan, 08, April, 2015. www.nicholascheveldave.com

22 February 2015

Currently in Residence at Rupert, Vilnius in preparation for our upcoming project with Ali Eisa in June, 2015. www.rupert.lt

20 February 2015

We will be in conversation with Athena Papadopoulos for the second edition of the Bratwurst Talks at 3pm on Sunday 8 March at the Zabludowicz Collection. Poster

05 January 2015

Athena Papadopoulos has been invited by the Zabludowicz Collection to be their first exhibition of 2015. Opening 29 January until 8 March, 2015 @ 176 Prince of Wales Road, London NW5 3PT, www.zabludowiczcollection.com

01 December 2014

You can see work by Charlie Billingham at the wonderful Supportico Lopez in Berlin until 20 December

28 November 2014

We are delighted to be taking part in Rupert Centre for Art and Education’s residency programme in February and June, 2015. More details tba. www.rupert.lt

30 October 2014

We are still welcoming contributions for our open submission publication to accompany Honeymoon in Pickle Paradise. Please send them to: info@emalin.co.uk

18 October 2014

Today at 5pm, 6pm and 7pm Athena Papadopolous presents Mr. & Mrs. Philip Cath in a narrated cycle of tableaux, set to reenact their wedding night at The Majestic hotel, San Francisco. The performance will be the tradition of eighteenth century mimoplastic art. Writing in 1787, the German writer Goethe recorded after seeing one such performance: “The spectator can hardly believe his eyes…” All welcome

15 October 2014

Athena Papadopoulos is one of the best young artists to see outside of Frieze according to i-D / Vice (but we already knew that)

14 October 2014

LukePletschStagkouraki now broadcasting live until 10pm. Watch it here

06 October 2014

We are excited to announce a series of  performances co-curated by Emalin and Athena Papadopoulos taking place inside Honeymoon in Pickle Paradise.

14 October, 8pm: LukePletschStagkouraki; 16 October, 7pm: Sarah Duffy; 18 October, 4pm till late: Mr and Mrs Philip Cath – find all info here

To rsvp please email: info@emalin.co.uk

16 September 2014

Free Time, a publication to accompany our exhibition is now available to read online. Featuring an essay by James Cahill as well as images of the Bellaria. Download it here

20 August 2014

Charlie Billingham’s Jam Standard opens at Brand New Gallery, Milan on 2 October. www.brandnew-gallery.com

06 August 2014

We are very excited to be hosting the first Bratwurst Talks with Athena Papadopoulos, Nicholas Cheveldave, Charlie Billingham and Ophelia Finke on Saturday 9 August, 12:00 to 14:00 @ the Bellaria Poster

02 August 2014

Athena Papadopoulos is one of the 2014 Bloomberg New Contemporaries www.newcontemporaries.org.uk

30 July 2014

Ophelia Finke will be exhibiting at Hus Gallery this autumn along with Konrad Wyrebek, Santiago Taccetti and Nathan Green. The exhbition runs from 12 September to 11 October www.husgalleries.com

11 June 2014

Emalin are pleased to announce our next project will be a solo exhibition of new work by Athena Papadopoulos in London, UK. www.athenapapadopoulos.com

20 May 2014

Charlie Billingham is now represented by Los Angeles based OHWOW Gallery. His exhibition, Tender 2, The Sunshine Room, runs until 28 June 2014 www.oh-wow.com

20 April 2014

Documentation of Ophelia Finke’s installation, Paris-Dakar, in the entrance hall of Central Saint Martins is now on her website www.opheliafinke.net