Art Athina

Evgeny Antufiev & Athena Papadopoulos

21 – 24 June, 2018

Athens Conservatoire, Athens, (GREECE)

At Art Athina, Emalin is pleased to present a two artist presentation with Evgeny Antufiev and Athena Papadopoulos. Located at the Athens Conservatoire – conceived by the Bauhaus architect Ioannis Despotopoulos‘ – Antufiev‘s temporally and geographically ambiguous curiosities enter into dialogue with Papadopoulos‘ material explorations of female subjectivity.

Art Athina, Athens, 2018
Art Athina, Athens, 2018
Art Athina, Athens, 2018
Athena Papadopoulos, BbBarstar, 2018, hair dye on fleece, image transfers on fabric, thread, wood dowel, leather, glue, 52 × 16 × 14 cm and 63 × 19 × 11 cm
Athena Papadopoulos, Chased Skirt, 2018, hair dye, nail polish, lipstick, Pepto Bismol, red wine, silicon, enamel pin, chicken wing bones, wool, thread, image transfers on fabric, photo on sofa sample velvet, crow's feet with nail varnish, wire, stuffing, lambs hair, A.P hair balls, silk ribbon, bugs in epoxy resin charms and glue on skirt, 50 × 82 × 5 cm (framed)
Evgeny Antufiev, Untitled, all 2017