LOOP Barcelona

Aslan Gaisumov

20 – 22 November, 2018

Hotel Almanac, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 619 – 621, Barcelona, (SPAIN)

From 23 February to 9 March 1944, the entire Chechen and Ingush nations – wrongly accused of having collaborated with Nazi Germany – were deported by the Soviet authorities and resettled in Central Asia.

Keicheyuhea (2017) follows the artist’s grandmother, Zayanu Khasueva, as she revisits the site of her home village for the first time since the deportation 73 years earlier. Keicheyuhea, a remote titular settlement in the Caucasus mountains of the Galain-Chazh region of Chechnya, remained a closed territory under Soviet rule and has only recently become accessible to its former residents.