booth concept by Giles Round featuring works by Nicholas Cheveldave, Athena Papadopoulos, Kembra Pfahler, Megan Plunkett and Giles Round

12 –15 April, 2018

Booth B06, Contemporary Established and On Demand Section, Milan, (ITALY)

Emalin, MiArt 2018
Giles Round, Monumento, 2018, douglas fir, wood wax, jacquard woven cotton throw, 125 x 225 x 103.2 cm
Emalin, MiArt 2018

For the gallery‘s 2018 participation in MiArt, Emalin collaborated with British artist Giles Round (b.1976) to create a quintessentially Milanese backdrop for the group presentation of gallery artists. Round draws on the the work of Italian architect Aldo Rossi – in particular his Monumento a Sandro Pertini (1988-90) in Milan – to fashion a mise en scène for his own sculptures as well as works by Kembra Pfahler, Nicholas Cheveldave, Megan Plunkett and Athena Papadopoulos.


A marbled wallpaper grounds the works on display, recalling the marble flooring often encountered in cemeteries or Milanese butcher shops. At the centre of the booth, Rossi‘s postmodernist monument is transfigured into minimalist furniture and a silk throw. Isamu Noguchi’s cult light design finds itself illuminated for a new age. Throughout his practice, Round situates craft and design firmly within the fine arts context in an attempt to collapse the hierarchies that favour fine above applied arts. Interior aesthetics contend with cheeky overtones in the resultant objects. The belief that design and architecture play a critical role in the cultivation of wellbeing informs Round’s practice, resulting in immersive and thought-provoking viewer experiences.