Nicholas Cheveldave

Selected Works

CONDO London / hosting Cooper Cole (Toronto)

Nicholas Cheveldave, Georgia Dickie & Bjorn Copeland

11 January – 08 February, 2020

Unit 4 Huntingdon Estate, Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6JU

Field of Plastic Flowers

Nicholas Cheveldave

28 September – 10 November, 2017

Unit 4 Huntingdon Estate, Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6JU

CONDO London

hosting Galerie Gregor Staiger

14 January – 11 February, 2017

Unit 4 Huntingdon Estate, Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6JU

The Mortician’s Athlete and the Dreaded Barista

Nicholas Cheveldave

09 – 18 April, 2015

2nd Floor, Via Fieno 3, Milano 20123, (ITALY)


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Born in 1984 in Victoria, Canada.

Lives and works in London, UK.


2012 – 2014

MFA Goldsmiths, London, UK

2008 – 2012

BFA Emily Carr, Vancouver, Canada

Solo Exhibitions


Burnout, Camp Eternal Hell Chamber, Cobleskill, NY, US

Wormhole, Condo London hosting Cooper Cole, Emalin, London, UK


(a) Collaboration, with Sebastian Lloyd ReesHotWheels, Athens, GR

Big City Dreaming, Piktogram hosting Emalin, FOAF, Warsaw, PL


Field of Plastic Flowers, Emalin, London, UK

Solo Presentation, LISTE, Basel, CH 


The Mortician’s Athlete and the Dreaded Barista, Emalin, Milan, IT

ALL FOR NOTHING, Carl Kostyál, London, UK

Group Exhibitions


after image, MAMOTH, London, UK

The Correspondence, The Residence Gallery, London, UK


drawings, 650mAh, Hove, UK


Lived In, Galleri Opdhal, Stavanger, NO

Fickle Food Upon A Shifting Plate, Studio Leigh, London, UK

A Screen of Flesh, COMA Gallery, Sydney, AU

Summer Show, Carl Kostyál, Stockholm, SE

Condo London, Emalin hosting Galerie Gregor Staiger, Emalin, London, UK


Gallery Share, CHEWDAY’S with Off Vendome, Off Vendome, NY, USA

Bloody Life, Herald St, London, UK

History of Nothing, White Cube, London, UK

Condo London, CHEWDAY’S hosting Kraupa Tuskany Zeidler, CHEWDAY’S, London, UK


National Gallery 2: Empire, CHEWDAY’S, London, UK


National Gallery, Grand Century, New York, NY, US

Goldsmiths MFA Show, Goldsmiths, London, UK

Basement Scene, Wood Mill Gallery, London, UK


Lost In Translation, Ono Gallery at UKS, Oslo, NO

Satin Inferior, VSA Gallery, Vancouver, CA


A Good Day For Horse Races, East Van Studio, Vancouver, CA


Cheveldave, Nicholas. Wormhole. London: self-published, 2020.
Cheveldave, Nicholas. Big City Dreaming. London: The Everyday Press, 2019.
Cheveldave, Nicholas. Field of Plastic Flowers. London: self-published, 2017.
Cheveldave, Nicholas. Probational locked-in Syndrome (PLIS). London: self-published, 2017. Cheveldave, Nicholas. Interview with Nicholas Cheveldave and Ian Wallace. London: unpublished, 2017. Cheveldave, Nicholas. All For Nothing. London: self-published, 2015.



NICHOLAS CHEVELDAVE: To coincide with Nicholas’ edition of Emalin Stories, EbbTide is now available to listen to on Soundcloud 


NICHOLAS CHEVELDAVE: Our third edition of Emalin Stories Filling the Space Between Commercials is now available to read. Nicholas spoke with friend and artist Steve Bishop and an accompanying selection of works has been released for the occasion.

16 October 2020

NICHOLAS CHEVELDAVE: Nicholas Cheveldave’s solo exhibition Burnout at Camp Eternal Hell Chamber, NY opens tomorrow. The reception opening hours are between 2-8pm (EST) – click here for more information.

15 AUGUST 2020

NICHOLAS CHEVELDAVE: A new body of work by Nicholas Cheveldave is included in the upcoming ART Biesenthal 2020 curated by Tjioe Meyer. The exhibition can be visited from Wednesday until Thursday from 12 – 8 pm and from Friday until Sunday from 12 – 9 pm. For tickets and further information, click here

02 JULY 2020

NICHOLAS CHEVELDAVE: Nicholas Cheveldave is included in The Correspondence, a group show at The Residence Gallery, London. Opening today from 12-9pm! To schedule a visit (1-2 person slots) click here

26 JUNE 2020

NICHOLAS CHEVELDAVE: For our participation in Vortic: London Collective, we are pleased to present a new series of paintings by Nicholas Cheveldave alongside a selection of works on paper. To visit the virtual exhibition download the Vortic app from the Apple App Store.

27 APRIL 2020

NICHOLAS CHEVELDAVE: Nicholas Cheveldave’s Limited Edition print has been included in Oliver Basciano’s article: Blooms, rainbows and bar-room kisses: artists raise morale and money under Covid-19 – to read more about the initiative and others visit The Guardian

26 MARCH 2020

NICHOLAS CHEVELDAVE: Nicholas Cheveldave’s Limited Edition print has been included in Francesca Gavin’s ‘HOW TO SPEND IT: How are artists responding to the Coronavirus Crisis?’ to read more about the initiative and others, visit Financial Times

23 MARCH 2020

NICHOLAS CHEVELDAVE: Emalin is pleased to announce a new limited edition by Nicholas Cheveldave. For this limited edition series, the artist produced 50 pigment prints on Somerset Velvet Paper. These are the most recent iteration of Cheveldave’s ongoing collage practice, in which he reworks personal and found imagery from his expansive image archive through various manipulations, such as scratching and multi-media application. The print comprises a photograph of a blossoming tree near Cheveldave’s Hackney studio, into which the artist has scratched a series of marks and gestures. On top of each individual edition, the artist has placed a unique grouping of price tag stickers. To enquire, please contact

22 JANUARY 2020

NICHOLAS CHEVELDAVE: Nicholas Cheveldave’s work Worm Hole pt. 7 (2019) has been selected for the upcoming Outset Contemporary Art Fund Benefit in St. Moritz, CH

13 November 2019

SAVE THE DATE! Join us on the evening of Thursday, 28 November from 6:30 – 10:30pm at Emalin for the launch of Nicholas Cheveldave’s book ‘Big City Dreaming‘ in collaboration with Bunker Basement

21 September 2019

Nicholas Cheveldave’s new artist book ‘Big City Dreaming’ is launching at NY Art book Fair 2019, published by Bunker_basement, edition of 110.

26 April 2019

Nicholas Cheveldave is featured in Blok’s Editors’ Picks for Friend Of a Friend 2019, the gallery-share initiative in Warsaw.

15 March 2019

Nicholas Cheveldave takes part in a duo exhibition with Sebastian Lloyd Rees at Hot Wheels Projects, Athens, GR, opening this June

28 February 2019

Emalin gets hosted by Piktogram, Warsaw, PL, with works by Nicholas Cheveldave as part of the gallery-sharing initiative Friend of a Friend on 6-7 April

6 October 2018

Artnet and Mousse Magazine both featured our solo booth with Nicholas Cheveldave at art berlin

16 August 2017

Nicholas Cheveldave will be part of the group show Fickle Food Upon A Shifting Plate at Studio_Leigh, opening on the 14th of September in London